SIP and iNum calling for the Cinci2600 Conf

on-the-phoneVOIP networks don’t have to use traditional phone numbers.

VOIP clients, or extensions, can be located using addresses similar to email. A SIP URI is an identifier for an extension on a telephone system for receiving calls through VOIP without using the traditional telephone system (PSTN). The SIP URI for the Cinci2600 Conf is

iNum is a is a world-wide calling network. You can think of it as a global area code. Many VOIP networks and mobile carriers support iNum calling. If you are interested in iNum, you can call the Cinci2600 Conf via iNum at (883)510009903456.

Brew House and You !

Do to our lack of card carrying member of the Hive and our overly respect for Hive , that we do not hack there door system as current Aug 4th meeting and future meetings will be attending the Brew House

See yea guys there !! this place has a +2 Beer’s and Food ! backroom we shall be.