SIP and iNum calling for the Cinci2600 Conf

on-the-phoneVOIP networks don’t have to use traditional phone numbers.

VOIP clients, or extensions, can be located using addresses similar to email. A SIP URI is an identifier for an extension on a telephone system for receiving calls through VOIP without using the traditional telephone system (PSTN). The SIP URI for the Cinci2600 Conf is

iNum is a is a world-wide calling network. You can think of it as a global area code. Many VOIP networks and mobile carriers support iNum calling. If you are interested in iNum, you can call the Cinci2600 Conf via iNum at (883)510009903456.

Brew House and You !

Do to our lack of card carrying member of the Hive and our overly respect for Hive , that we do not hack there door system as current Aug 4th meeting and future meetings will be attending the Brew House

See yea guys there !! this place has a +2 Beer’s and Food ! backroom we shall be.

Cinci2600 Conf

on-the-phoneI have set up a small PBX with a conference line.

There are a few options for connecting to it, the easiest option is calling from the PSTN. There are other ways to connect, but let’s keep it simple for now.

If you want to call in, the number is 987-1987, the default conference ID should be 2600. It should support 10 simultaneous calls, but I haven’t tested that theory. If there is interest in more capacity, I can see about adding more. It’s a local Cincinnati number, so you shouldn’t have a problem calling it from random phones around town, like unprotected wires that you have beige boxed.

It doesn’t make outgoing calls, so if you want to bring others in, you will have to use 3-way calling or the conference button on your phone. You get extra points for bridging in another conf, like Telephreak.

UPDATE 2/6/2017: The service is fairly stable now. If you are interested in an extension on the PBX, please let me know and I can get that set up. The difference between calling into the conf and having your own extension is that you can make calls to other extensions, including the conference, as well as make outgoing calls. Each extension also has a SIP URI for receiving pure VOIP calls and web conferencing. It even does Instant Messaging with voice and video.

UPDATE 8/25/2017: I increased the call capacity and took Google voice out of the loop. I still have the old number in service, so feel free to call it, it just doesn’t ring into the conference.

New chat tool for Cinci2600

farnsworthGood news everyone, I have developed a new technology that let’s you read this post in the sound of my voice.

Now that the website’s hardware is no longer at risk of being seized by Cincinnati Bell (don’t ask) we can focus on developing new tools.

One tool that has been sorely missed is a chat server. IRC is a cool guy, uses 90’s technology and doesn’t afraid of anything. I have been looking for a means to do old school confs and IRC-type stuff, and I happened upon Discord.

Discord has lots of clients, including Linux, Mac, Windows, and a few mobiles. You can get your invite to the Cinci2600 server by visiting If there isn’t a client for your waffle iron running NetBSD, there is a browser-based client that you can use. You’re welcome 🙂

So tell a buddy and bring a friend to the shiny new Cinci2600 chat service.